Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Mantle

     I have to admit that this IS my most favorite time of the year! From around September 1st until December 26th, I am the happiest. I LOVE the colors, the smells, all the activities, the warm days, and crisp, cool nights. I also love all the decorations that make my home feel more warm and inviting. This time of year also seems to be more centered around family!  I started working on the mantel area around the first of September, and today got to where I really smile when I look at it! I think the addition of the mums and lantern, along with the pumpkins we bought this weekend make everything just like I would like them. (I do already have ideas in my head for next year, though!)

The large empty picture frame was made by my Papa, I just have not found the right picture or element to go in it yet!  (I do think next year I would like to add some white lights to my garland.)

This cute couple was also cut out by my Papa, and Mama painted them. The "Family" sign was a $5 find at a local bookstore.  Something about Mr. and Mrs. "Farmer" just says fall and harvest to me.

Fall subway sign and some wooden acorns from Hobby Lobby.

These mums were a gift today from church, LOVE THEM!! The lantern is a find from back in the spring at Target. 

I also have 3 pumpkins to the left of the hearth.  (I am going to be looking for round baskets to put my mums in.. hopefully at least by next year!) 

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  1. I love this time of year too! And I wish we had a Hobby Lobby in my neck of the woods, your mantel looks great :)

    xoxo, Tanya

    1. Thanks! Hobby Lobby has been known to get me in a bit of trouble! ;)