Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Well... I have FINALLY got one room in my home the exact way I want it. It took 7 months, but I am VERY HAPPY with it! In fact, "Prissy" has been at my parents spending the weekend, and I keep just walking in her room to just take it all in!!

When we moved it, it was a VERY blank slate. We believe from some of the nail holes and closet fixtures, that the previous people who lived here used this room as an office. The walls were a cream color, and there were vertical blinds on the windows (YUCK!)

I new I wanted a very girlie look, and her only request is that it be pink. That for me was a very tough decision!! I had NO CLUE there were so many shades of pink?!?! We settled on one, and the man that was mixing the paint at a local store made me question my decision... as he questioned it! He wondered if my husband knew what I was doing? I kindly told him, "YES! Please, just mix the paint!"

Once I had the color on the wall, things just kind of came together. The curtains were on clearance at Lowe's, I had one of the prints for a while, I used old plates with pinks and greens on them, and finally got a plain wooden shelf at Hobby Lobby and white washed it. I am VERY pleased with it! I hope that you will enjoy it as well!
I am joining in on the Met. Monday party at Between Naps on the Porch.

Thanks For Viewing!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello all!!! It has been a REALLY long time since I posted. I am hoping to change things with that in the New Year. My boys have an antibiotic resistant strep infection in their ears and sinuses, and I have been dealing with that, as well as some other things happening around here. We are seeing an ENT tomorrow with them... so I am HOPING and PRAYING things get better with them!! (I could sure use some sleep!!!)

I hope you all had a VERY wonderful holiday season, as well. We sure did, and we are still celebrating. Today is Jan. 6th.... 3 Kings day. We have decided to celebrate that this year, to help put our emphasis for the season more on Christ where it should be! My great room tree will come down tonight once the kids are in the bed. (I still have my kitchen tree out, I am working on it.. but it is NOT lit up.) My kids are bummed that the season is now over, and to tell the truth, so am I! I always have a hard time this time of year, it makes the realization of them growing hit me in the face!

I am hoping in the coming year, I can share more about me, my family, and my home with you.