Friday, September 25, 2009


Well, it seems that the weather around here...MAY be changing a bit! YAY! I am SO tired of this hot weather, and so ready for bonfires, hot cider, and a fire in our fireplace at night. This is my FAVORITE season, the colors that paint the landscape around here are usually BEAUTIFUL.

Today, we are doing a usual fall "field trip" for us. THE APPLE ORCHARD!! I am SO excited! Hubby is not going, as he and our oldest will be on their way to the youth fall retreat with the church youth group. SO, my mom is going to brave it with me and the 3 "little kids." We are going to pick some apples, take a hayride, drink some cold cider, and maybe eat an apple doughnut! I am looking forward to coming home and making all sorts of fall treats with the apples, I have "googled" and got TONS of ideas. I talked it up on the way to preschool this morning, and the little ones are excited, too!

I will figure out how to post pictures and write all about them tomorrow!

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