Wednesday, September 30, 2009

JUST Life!

This has been a VERY busy week for us, and is not looking like it will calm down... WHEW! Our oldest son is playing football for the first time, and that consumes MUCH of my afternoon time! Then our only daughter turns 6 next Monday, and her birthday party is this weekend at a local Equestrian Center.

I have spent almost a month planning for this big birthday bash, and I am hoping that it is a hit! I am going tomorrow while 3 of mine are at school to get favors, and prizes for games, and decorations, and such. OH, and I am making the cupcakes! (Ever try to find allergen free pre-made?)She picked this party "theme" and is VERY excited about it!!! (I am too!)

I have got a few projects done around the house, and I am going in a bit to buy the paint for our guest bathroom. I am going to Sherwin Williams to get Dockside Blue, you have NO IDEA how much of an ordeal this has been for me to pick a paint color! We moved in this house in July, and it has taken me THAT LONG to pick a dinning room paint color as well as a color for the bathroom. I am trying for my rooms to flow with one color scheme, and since this is the last house we will ever live in, and our dream house, these walls will be this color for a while.... so I want them to look good!!! As soon as I figure out how to post pics, I will do so..... anyone in blog land want to send me a tutorial??? (IF hubby and I were ever home long enough at the same time, then I am sure he would show me!!)

Off to the races I go..... :)

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