Sunday, October 4, 2009

The BEST Birthday party!

My sweet princess will turn 6 tomorrow, and yes I remember what I was doing when I went into labor. (I vividly remember the entire day!!) She has never had a big party, so I decided that I would go ALL out and throw her one.

We reserved a local stable for 3 hours. This included horseback rides, a hayride, and a petting zoo.. complete with an adorable bunny! I invited 20 children, and went from there planning. We had 17 show up! In addition to the activities provided by the park, I planned games. I planned "guess how many horses," "pin the tail on the donkey," and "prizes in the hay stack." We had a BALL!! I found horse themed puzzles, and toy horses as prizes, along with the usual candy. For food we served hot dogs, popcorn, campfire trail mix, carrots and dip, and fruit kabobs. As the kids were leaving they each got a caramel apple with a "thank you" note attached. We also had pink cupcakes! (per request of the birthday girl!) Every one had a great time, and even though I was exhausted.... I did too!!

I am now in the process of planning our "tween" son's fall scavenger hunt and bonfire party! I LOVE to entertain, and I am having the most fun doing it for my kids!

This is my first time posting pics.. so bear with me!

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  1. Hello fellow Upstate SC gal! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I LOVE finding other SC blogging moms :-)

    Happy birthday to your sweet 6 yr old. Looks like a GREAT party (it wouldn't have been held at a local place in my neck of the woods, would it? Looks slightly familiar)

    Wow! Another mom of 4 and yours are so close in age to mine (11 yr boy, 9 yr girl, 6 yr girl and 3 yr boy!)

    I'm so glad to "meet" you and I'll stop by often. :~)