Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cleaning day!

Well... as taught by my mother and grandmothers, one of the BEST ways to keep your family well is to keep your house clean. SO, in honor of them... we are having a germ "exorcism" today! For the most part we are all well. Only 4 of us ended up with "piggy flu", which is a blessing! I have had worse flu, but I still feel rotten! Moms just don't have the luxury to be sick and get well!!

I started about 11am, and have thrown all the windows open, gotten out every bit of clorox and lysol we have, and have SCRUBBED!! All the bedding is also going through the sanitize cycle in the wash. I want "Ms Piggy germ" to know she is NOT welcome here, and she needs to leave at ONCE!

We have canceled the family birthday celebration this weekend, but that is ok... I really don't want to pass this on! Especially to my elderly grandparents, my sweet nephew, or my pregnant sister-in-law!!

Can ya tell I HATE being sick????

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