Monday, October 26, 2009

The Guest Bath

It took me 3 entire months to pick a color for this bathroom! We have an open floor plan, and every room, but the bonus room, can be seen from everywhere else! So, I want things to flow! I ended up picking out Sherwin Williams "driftwood blue." (This is also the paint I am using in the laundry room.) It is a VERY soothing color, and works well with the other colors that will be going on the walls of our home that we purchased in June. I will eventually get around to showing the entire house here... bear with me!
Here are the BEFORES:

VERY BLAH, uninspiring beige colored, sterile room! YUCK! Silver fixtures.YUCK!

Here are the AFTERS: I was really inspired by a picture my oldest painted for me when was about 10. I LOVE that picture, so I framed it and put it over the bath. Along with shells the kids have collected along the SC coast in a fishbowl, a picture of them making sandcastles with their dad, and a starfish I bought at one of those surf shoppes. I changed the knobs to a satin nickle, and spray painted the light fixture (Because it is bolted it the wall, and would make a HUGE mess to take it down!!!) I am waiting on my monogrammed shower curtain. I chose to do a green for my towels, and rug, as well as the monogram on the curtain. I also have a towel bar left to hang, and a SC plate that I bought at the greatest little gift store in town. BUT, for the most part it is finished!!! OH, and I am looking on ebay for a Longaberger tall tissue.


  1. Beauitful color you have the shells and starfish! Hope you have a FUN week,


  2. It looks great, I love the paint color. The art and accessories are pretty too.

  3. Great job!!! I too love that paint color. My daughter has a hall bath painted that color and I am considering painting something that color, maybe bedroom!!!

  4. Looks like a beautiful color, great transformation! That inspiration painting looks great in there also.