Saturday, October 24, 2009

THE L-O-N-G-E-S-T Week!

Sorry I have not posted since last week! This has been the longest week I have had in a while! I have had AT LEAST 1 doctor's appointment everyday! Then there are some things going on that I cannot speak of, that have just made this week SO Long, and horrible! I have wished many times it was just a REALLY bad dream, but it is not!!! On Monday we will begin to feel our way through something that is VERY unsure.... and I DO NOT deal well with not being able to plan or not knowing what is going to happen, especially if I have VERY LITTLE control! This is the case here!!!

We were suppose to have a bonfire with the kids last Friday night.... do you know the rain held off until I got the fire logs and got in the car on the way home!! Then it would not stop! Well, being bound and determined, also having 1 VERY upset little girl.... we made do. For dinner I cooked the weinnies in the oven, we then fixed the hot dogs, and turned out all the lights in our house and ate with a BIG candle in the middle of our table. The kids all had glow bracelets and it was GREAT FUN! The rain tapered off a LITTLE and hubby went out and got a fire going. We all put on our rain coats and made S'mores in the rain!! YES!!! (AND NO ONE GOT SICK!) We also roasted marshmallows and let them throw things in the fire and run around.... they were SO muddy when we came in!!! But I have the BEST memories, and we had a great time!

I did work some this week on the guest/ children's bathroom. All the painting is finished, and last night I went and got my towels and such. Now to just get the shower curtain monogrammed!
I looked last night at Christmas towels for that bathroom. With all the stress, getting this room done has made me feel VERY good! I stood last night and smiled as I looked at it!

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