Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Party!!

OK let me just get this COMPLETELY out of my system for this week...... GO TIGERS!!! They played some REALLY good ball yesterday!! AND... I am Proud to be a fan!

We went to a very fun gathering last night, and I am thinking now of how I can take the idea and run with it for next year... I have decided that once I get my house all set up, and looking like I want for the most part, we are going to do some heavy entertaining! Our Sunday School class had a social that was a Pumpkin Carving/ Chili Cook off. It was a family social and the kids could wear their costumes, mine just wore their Halloween shirts. (We have not got everyone to stay decided on their costumes!!) We had kid friendly foods, then about 15 crockpots FULL of chili, one of my friends makes a really good chili and puts chocolate and cinnamon in hers. There were hayrides for the kids, and since a major
ity of us were Clemson fans, the last minutes of overtime played through the loud speakers where we were at. Oh, and their was a HUGE table full of sweet treats! :)

We also carved pumpkins. I decided to do something I had NEVER done..... we always to your traditional Jack-O-lantern face, but I have been really admiring all those pumpkins carved on the Southern Living website. I went there and printed off a template, and then free handed from it. Tell me what you think! I have put it on our hearth for us to enjoy, since we live out in the country and no one would see it.

I am hoping to post the transformation of my bathroom for Met Monday tomorrow.

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  1. Great pumpkin!!! I have always wanted to try and do one like that too, but always chicken out!

    A 60 lb weight loss is awesome!!!! It seems like when we start eating "normal" again, it just starts jumping back on!! Bummer!

    I know you will conquer it though! I'm right here with ya'!

    Lou Cinda :)